Corporate Accounts Business Development Dir



Responsible for developing and promoting business development strategies to increase Corporate Account sales.  Ensure business growth strategies are met and are aligned with company sales goals.


  1. Represent the company in corporate sales planning and development. Identify areas of new business growth as well as increase business with current customers.
  2. Negotiate contracts to ensure a sufficient profit margin is realized.
  3. Develop and champion for growth specific sales verticals across all operating companies.
  4. Collaborate with Pricing and Marketing to develop strategic plans for profitable corporate revenue stream. Identify tactical implementation plans to realize strategy and translate strategy into plans for the Corporate Account sales team.
  5. Maintain knowledge of the operating company’s products, services, pricing programs and sales tools.
  6. Ensure thorough knowledge of the company’s competitors and the marketplace. Enhance sales development performance by keeping abreast of industry trends.
  7. Create and define value for the customer by understanding their business model, along with their specific needs and competitive position. Engage the customer and maintain positive customer relationships.
  8. Monitor new corporate accounts to ensure revenue sales objectives are achieved. Work with corporate sales team on any issues impacting sales objectives.


  1. Building Organizational Talent – Establishing systems and processes to attract, develop, engage, and retain talented individuals; creating a work environment where people can realize their full potential, thus allowing the organization to meet current and future business challenges.
  2. Creating a Culture of Trust – Fostering a work environment that encourages people to act with integrity and treat each other and their ideas with respect; creating and protecting a high-trust environment by setting an example, advocating for others in the face of challenges, removing barriers to trust, and rewarding others for demonstrating behaviors that cultivate trust.
  3. Driving Execution – Translating strategic priorities into operational reality; aligning communication, accountabilities, resource capabilities, internal processes, and ongoing measurement systems to ensure that strategic priorities yield measurable and sustainable results.
  4. Establishing Strategic Direction – Establishing and committing to a long-term business direction based on an analysis of systemic information and consideration of resources, market drivers, organizational values, and emerging economic, technological, and regulatory conditions.
  5. Influencing – Using effective involvement and persuasion strategies to gain acceptance of ideas and commitment to actions that support specific work outcomes.
  6. Leading Change – Driving organizational and cultural changes needed to achieve strategic objectives; catalyzing new approaches to improve results by transforming organizational culture, systems, or products/services; helping others overcome resistance to change.
  7. Resolving Conflict – Helping others deal effectively with an antagonistic situation to minimize damage to the relationships and promote shared goals; using appropriate interpersonal methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people and facilitate agreement.


  • Competitive pay based on experience
  • Employee selected medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family
  • PTO and paid holidays
  • 401k Retirement Plan


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.
  2. Seven (7) years sales experience.
  3. Sales experience in transportation, logistics or a related business or activity with a clear understanding of multiple modes and service within the transportation/logistics industry.
  4. Maintain current
    1. knowledge of best practices in transportation/logistics industry.
    2. Demonstrated effective and creative problem solving, quantitative analysis, interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills.
    3. Demonstrated ability to conduct group presentations as well as communicate effectively with peers, senior management and customers.
    4. Minimum 50% travel.


    1. MBA
    2. Corporate sales experience in transportation industry with three (3) years in management.


    This job operates in a professional office environment indoors. Routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets, and fax machines.


    The position requires the ability to spend long hours sitting or standing while using office equipment and computers. Ability to perform repetitive tasks such as typing and keying. Occasional lifting, pushing/pulling, carrying 10 lbs of supplies and materials is required.