Understanding Cargo Theft Threats
Cargo theft can impact almost any supply chain across the globe. Get an understanding of the cargo theft threat variables such as the commodity type that is being shipped, the regions it may pass through, and even the time and day of the week can help protect your cargo and your business.

Supply Chain Management – Understanding Cargo Theft Threats Video
We understand that protecting goods from the point of departure to point of delivery is a necessity. Travelers Inland Marine will help navigate a clear route for your transportation or other logistic insurance needs, so you can stay focused on your business.

Truck Cargo Transportation Insurance
Insurance for your property while it is in transit on your own vehicles or through a public or contract motor carrier, rail or air carrier.  Our transportation policy will keep your business operating in the event of a loss while we determine the extent of the carrier’s legal liability.  This coverage is vital to businesses utilizing just-in-time delivery methods.

Who Needs Transportation Insurance?
Cargo and Logistics Coverage
The trucking industry does not have a standard definition of what services a carrier or logistics provider offers, so we offer Cargo Pak® and Cargo and Logistics Pak®, which can be tailored to your specific operation.

Travelers offers specialized coverage for the commodities and services you are legally obligated to insure.  The coverage is flexible to match to businesses, while unique valuation and liability issues are considered.

Who Needs Cargo and Logistics Insurance?
Motor carriers
Freight forwarders
Logistic service providers/Freight brokers